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Fully motorized and automated IX83
The fully motorised and automated IX83 is the most advanced member of the IX3 series of imaging systems for life science researchers and offers a new level of usability and application flexibility
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CKX series
The compact inverted microscope for routine use
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Inverted Metallurgical Microscopes GX51
Olympus GX series Inverted Metallurgical Microscopes are reliable and high performance imaging system with the advanced Olympus UIS2 optics. GX microscopes ensure the high efficiency by the combination with Olympus Imaging Analysis software.
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Research microscope IX51
A new standard in advanced inverted microscopy
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Advanced research microscope IX71
As an advanced inverted microscope system for cell imaging, the IX71 has a unique two-tiered multi-port design for maximum flexibility. Superb fluorescence, DIC, phase contrast and Olympus Relief Contrast modes are available. The microscope sets new standards in inverted microscopy with its stable compact frame and outstanding optical performance.
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Motorised research microscope IX81
The IX81 provides the highest standards of observation and functional operation as well as the performance required for accurate research applications. The motorised system has the flexibility to be readily adapted to different research purposes and provides excellent performance in imaging, analysis and manipulation.
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