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Microscopy CameraContact Person: Itzik Shoshan | Jude Frajdenrajch | Dotan Kamber | Moshe Gabso

Find the right camera from our range of state-of-the-art digital cameras with high-dynamics, sensitivity and resolution. You can choose between colour, b&w or universal systems to suit your application and even attach multiple cameras to one microscope.
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18-megapixel color CMOS sensor to document fine details Vivid, low-noise images for insightful observations Fast 4K UHD live image
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Photometrics is the premier designer and manufacturer of high-performance CCD and EMCCD cameras, and multi-channel imaging solutions for life science research. As the original architect of the world's first scientific-grade EMCCD camera, Photometrics has led the industry for several decades with state-of-the-art imaging instrumentation
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QImaging develops CCD and EMCCD cameras for imaging in life science and industrial research applications. QImaging cameras are versatile and easy-to-use, giving scientists and researchers the performance they need for the best possible value.
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